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Compliance & Upgrades

We offer both upgrade and trade-in packages for existing equipment and, in particular, existing equipment that does not meet emerging federal and industry regulations.

Regulatory Compliance

The state-of-the-art for securing financial communications and storage protocols is rapidly changing–and increasing obligatory pressures on all parties involved, even ATM operators. Our staff members are exceptionally knowledgeable in current federal and industry policies, as well as regulation compliance.

Southern Tier will help your organization build and protect an ATM solution centered around regulatory compliance and proven security practices. Our foresight and proactive compliance and security practices will help your organization be prepared, early, for current and future security threats, and will also help your organization save money by reducing the number of times equipment upgrades are necessary.


We are able to provide upgrade packages for most ATM models to add value-added features (e.g. on-screen advertising, IP/Internet connectivity, check cashing, etc.), as well as to maintain operability in an ever-changing world of industry and government regulations. We can often offer upgrade options even for very-aging equipment, providing savings of up to $1500 to $2500.


When it is finally time to replace that ATM you have always been able to count upon, we offer trade-in packages to help make a transition to a new machine even easier. In cases where upgrade costs and continued ATM reliability are the largest concerns, our trade-in options can help make transitioning to a new machine dollar-for-dollar very affordable–while also affording your organization peace of mind!

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Southern Tier Vending Corp. is a registered ISO for Citizens Bank, N.A., Providence, RI