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Should your ATM require service, we provide exceptional same-day service through our staff who are committed to reliability and uptime. Our unparalleled response time is made possible by our “every call, that day” policy, as well as our 24-hour ATM status monitoring that alerts us when a customer’s equipment requires service even before the customer’s staff discover the problem.

With STV you receive:

  • Same-day repair service
  • Proactive recommendations for preventative replacements of failing parts
  • Out-of-cash and out-of-paper reports for evaluating staff or courier performance

Why should you have to worry about the uptime of your ATM portfolio? With STV as your ATM provider, we will make sure your equipment keeps running so you and your staff do not have to!

Southern Tier Vending Corp. is a registered ISO for Citizens Bank, N.A., Providence, RI